Altrincham Rifle and Air Gun Ranges


We have two ranges, one 10m range dedicated to air rifle and pistol, the other is a 25yd firearms range used for target rifle shooting on Mondays and Wednesdays and Sporting Rifle on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


As a probationery member your fees give you access to both these ranges and all the equipment you need. Thanks to a lottery sports grant we have some great equipment that we're sure you'll love! Some of the pictures below show you what we mean by target rifle, sporting rifle, air rifle and pistol.

Along with the right equipment for target rifle shooting - and our other sports - there are experienced members on hand to offer coaching and guidance.

As a full member you can shoot competitively in local and national leagues and the excitement of shoulder to shoulder matches!

Lightweight .22 sporting rifle is usually shot standing, the rifle is much lighter than the target rifles, often shot with a scope sight. Some are semi automatic. Full members can shoot with larger calibres. 

Our air rifles and pistols are 0.177, most use compressed air, if you have your own rifle or pistol and want to use that bring it along and check with our range officers.


Use our high quality, match standard compressed air pistols. Our air gun range has electronically retrievable targets - spend more time shooting!

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